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Eat less, exercise more

Eat less, exercise more.
I started the perimenopause very young. I desperately tried to find the causes of why, within weeks, my weight shot shot up so high that I was bursting out of my clothes. Doctors etc snapped at me to “eat less, exercise more”. Each time I asked for help and could it be menopausal I was told this or some other hurtful remark. This didn’t work.
I remember a nutritional professional in a hospital said I was on the verge of a heart attack & put me on a stringent diet. I felt so ill and lost so much weight when she saw me next she begged me to eat fruit cake to put some weight on! Has this happened to you? It didn’t matter if I starved myself or ate all around me.
When I finally started looking after myself as if menopausal the weight fell off. I was post menopausal before I could get a doctor to finally agree what my symptoms were, and not just because I was eating too much and not exercising. I was an avid walker and ate very well so if frustrated me.
Have you been treated like an idiot as you desperately search for answers when no one will question if it is menopause? I even remember one doctor telling me I was too young to be menopausal.
Does any of this resonate with you or a loved one? Or are you feeling like this? Or maybe you were one of the lucky ones you were listened to and got the right help at the appropriate time.

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