COMING: Online Bone Health 101 Course starting end of March 2020

Online course March 2020.

Over 40s Bone Health consists of 4 modules. It is education on how to support bone health with nutritious eating and lifestyle tips & hacks.

What Is in the Course?

Module 1: Nutrition for Healthy Bones: 
Learn what nutrients are important for bone health, and where to find them through foods

Module 2: Digestion, Hormones & Bone Health: 
Learn how digestive health impacts your bones, why gut health, and good bacteria are important for absorption of nutrients and how our hormones play a vital role in bone health

Module 3: Healthy Recipes & Supplements: 
Learn what foods trigger inflammation. Why it is an issue. Review family favourite recipes that specifically use nutrients and foods to nourish bones and overall health

Module 4: Lifestyle & Maintenance: 
(Conventional plus Holistic Therapies). General tips to maintain healthy bones going forward, discussion on the conventional and holistic fields, DEXA scan, supplements (good and bad), and movement/ exercise.

Who is the course for?
Women over 40 who want to support their bones as they age.

What You Get?

  • Recipes
  • Daily & Weekly planners, guides 
  • Handy nutrition and lifestlyle hacks and tips to support your bone health with conditions for osteopenia, arthritis, RA. 
  • & more, details coming shortly.

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