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As I was sipping my green tea & mint this morning I listened to a few inspirational talks. One of them was Brené Brown talking about criticism and how people can be so cruel when posting criticism, which if they go to the bother should be constructive, not personal attacks. Wattless energy my husband calls this type of waste, but so upsetting if you allow it. She used an excerpt of a Theodore Roosevelt speech nicknamed The Arena Speech. 

What matters is not the critic and what they think they must say but the credit should go to the person in the arena. The person turning up for themselves in life.

"Who knows at best the triumph of achievement or who at worst if he fails he fails daring greatly". 

My first thought was for women struggling through peri-menopause or menopause. Trying to cope with  the night sweats, brain fog, sleepless nights, changing body shape, the mood swings, burning mouth, nutrition gone haywire, the anxiety and you know the rest.. 

  • It is so easy
    • to give up but if you do that you are giving up on yourself. 
    • for doctors to ignore you and tell you it's just stress (thankfully that is changing, but so slow)
    • to eat more cake, knowing it's only going to make the symptoms worse!
    • You know what I mean of the endless list of symptoms of darling menopause (whether it is peri-menopause or menopause)
  • What better action to take is mammoth courage on your part is to turn up for you. It doesn't matter
    • you're not 'perfect' you
    • you didn't achieve all your younger dreams
    •  forget a few names
    • your confidence is fading
    • unsure how to reach the goal

We can live a third or more of our lives postmenopausal, let's make it the best third yet. 

I started my business over 50, I wish I had started in peri-menopause or at least made plans so I could've hit the ground running. 

When the turmoil of peri-menopause passes it does get easier. If you've a plan, however vague you will be ready, if not before then, to work to achieve your dream Third Age. 

Put in the effort for you. Set goals when the menopause storm is quiet and make plans. Talk to a menopause specialist, CBT expert and if you need help with nutrition and lifestyle changes (like managing stress, getting better sleep) give me a DM on Instagram or send me an email.

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